UPDATE 2016:

“Big Mike” has released a new book under the pseudonym “Oafish Droll” now at the age of 13. Having completely abandoned his efforts on Greeting Cards, though still available for purchase, he now plans on pursuing a writing career. Come support him at


Read Big Mike’s Short Story, “The Missing Child” for just 99 cents!  It was made into a made-for-Youtube movie!  See more here!

Below are the cards currently offered by Havoc and Mirth Greeting Cards.  This business is run by a nine year old (no lie!) we shall call Big Mike.  Most of what you’ll see on this site comes right out of his own head!  Find Havoc and Mirth on Facebook

The cards may be purchased by download or Big Mike will mail them to you.  Click on the front cover of each card to view all the details about the card and purchase options, or look to the menus to the right.

Featured Card:

Christmas Card Discount Special!  Buy Big Mike’s Christmas cards in large quantities at big discounts!  Click on your choice:  Santa Claus or the Snowman

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