Making of a Havoc and Mirth Greeting Card

95% of the concept for each greeting card comes right out of the head of Big Mike.  Suggestions are offered- and sometimes reluctantly accepted- heaven help the one that gets in the way of his creative process!  Big Mike will tend to do 2-5 versions of a card before he feels that he got it ‘just right.’  His exclusive instrument of creativity is the number 2 pencil.

Once the card is done, we scan it in and email it to a graphic artist who adds color, converts the handwritten words into a text box, and generally spiffs it up.  Sometimes some clip art is inserted to augment the card, but Big Mike has the (almost) final say on the final version.

Below is the sequence showing how this process worked with the first card he did, the “Missing You Both” card.

Big Mike’s Nearly Final Draft:

The Graphic Artist Helps Us Out

The final version

(And yes, Big Mike is the one who came up with the play on words for “No Mom’s Land!”)

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