The Missing Child: The Movie

tmc_webA couple of years ago, Big Mike wrote a short story in his quest to buy his own Alienware laptop.  That story has now been picked up and turned into a movie! Youtube video!  In celebration, we are posting the short story below the video.  You may want to read the story (it is short) before watching the video in order to see just how faithful the directors were in turning the story into a film.  Or not.  If you do want to buy the story, you can of course.

Direct Youtube Link

Now, thanks to RXCF Productions, the video:

The Missing Child
by ‘Big Mike’

It’s an average day at the Hoffman House.  They have just finished eating dinner and the Hoffman kids were clearing the table. The Mom, Tami, and Dad, Andy, were washing the dishes. When they were done, Dad still had more chores to do. So did Mom. The house was a mess, the furnace was broken, and the yard needed mowing.

Their sons, however, had nothing to do but make a bigger mess, so they were kicked out of the house. Ruby, the youngest sister, wasn’t there, because she was at a friend’s house. Dad couldn’t bear to see other people having fun, and called Mark, one of the sons, into the house.

“Mark, I have a job for you,” Dad said. Dad chose Mark to do a chore because if he asked the other sons they wouldn’t do it right, no matter what the chore was.

“What?” Mark asked.

“I would like you to go to Ruby’s friend’s house.”


“Because the last time Ruby’s friend’s parents watched Ruby and her friend the parents fell asleep, and during that time your younger sister fell down the stairs, remember?”

“Yeah. But where is her friend’s house?”

“A couple blocks away.”

“Thanks for being specific, Dad,” Mark said sarcastically

“Remember, we stopped to pick Ruby up there on your way home from basketball.”

“Oh yeah, the bluish grayish house?”

“Yep. Ride your bike down there.”

“How long do I have to be there?”

“Until I figure out how to fix the furnace.”

Dad continued, “I’ll pick Ruby up at 8:00. Then you ride your bike back home. Got it?”

“Yep,” answered Mark.

Mark looked at the clock in his living room that was so messy it didn’t look like a living room, more like a junkyard. 5:53, that wasn’t so bad. Only 2 hours. And maybe he’ll sleep on their couch during that time.

Mark rode his bike to Ruby’s friend’s house, and sure enough, Ruby’s friend’s parents were asleep. He found Ruby and her friend, whose name was Tasha, Mark discovered later, having a pillow fight. He was about sleep on the couch when he thought, “What’s the point of sleeping where I can’t watch them, like what Tasha’s parents always do.” So he watched them having a pillow fight in Tasha’s bedroom.

 * * *

 Dad was having trouble with the furnace while Mom was cleaning the living room. “How does this stupid thing work?” Dad thought to himself. So he called a mechanic. While the mechanic tried to fix the furnace Dad mowed the lawn. Mom went to the grocery store.

After Dad was done mowing the lawn, he asked the mechanic about the furnace. “I’m sorry to say this, but it seems like you’re going to need a new furnace,” said the mechanic. Dad sighed. “Well, it was making a loud noise anyway.” He told his other sons, Jackson and Arnold, that they could come in now.

“Hey, do you know where Mark is?” asked Dad. “No,” Arnold said. “The last time I saw him he was eating potatoes,” said Jackson. “Well, I’m sure he’ll turn up sometime,” Dad said to himself. It was 6:44. At 7:21 he started looking for Mark. “Mark! Mark!” he called out.

He looked everywhere around the neighborhood. He asked the neighbors if they’ve seen him. At 7:39 he called the police. “Sir, I don’t think you’ve looked hard enough,” the police said. Dad sat at the curb in the front yard and wondered where he could be, but before he could wonder, Bluebird, the family cat, started to claw his knee.

“Stop that, you stupid cat! Can’t you see I’m trying to think?!” But Bluebird kept scratching. Eventually Dad kicked Bluebird. Bluebird walked away down the street then he stopped 10 feet away from Dad and meowed. “Ok, maybe he’ll lead me somewhere, maybe to Mark. Will you, Bluebird?” “Meow!” replied Bluebird.

He followed Bluebird a couple blocks down. He looked at his watch. 7:59. “This is the time to pick up Ruby,” he thought to himself. “Tasha’s house should be a block down.” Then he realized that he was following Bluebird there! Then he realized that he told Mark to watch Ruby! “Ah! Stupid me!” he said to himself. He learned from his mistake, and kept better track of where his kids were.

Then the world ended.

 The End

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