Why Big Mike Makes Greetings Cards

For some background on why Big Mike has gotten into the business of making greeting cards, in his own words, read on…

I started this website because I want a laptop, but at the best quality and performance. I’ll probably buy Alienware* because it’s better with computer games. I want my laptop to be around $2.000. But I haven’t looked at all of the laptops that have better than average graphics. I want to buy this game called “Battleground Europe” because I want to play with an uncle that lives far away from me. I don’t have a laptop yet. I also need the money anyways.

- Big Mike

*incidentally, the same kind of laptop his uncle owns

UPDATE:  Feb 1st: Big Mike has made progress, but is now considering getting a desktop… but he may just hold out for the laptop!

Why Big Mike’s Dad is helping him do Greeting Cards:

For a long time I’d been trying to figure out a way to teach this bright kid important truths about ‘where money comes from.’  First I suggested building bird houses.  (He is reading this over my shoulders and reminds me, “That was too much work!”)  I pitched a few other ideas, but I think the main thing was that there wasn’t yet any incentive.

As it happens, the boy is a bit of a military buff, as many boys are, and likes history and enjoys historical re-enactments.  When he had the opportunity to play a game called Battlefield 1942 with me and his uncle and one of our friends, he gained new perspective on a couple of things.  First of all, his appreciation for what our soldiers endure for our freedom increased.  Unlike other kids that would have only been interested in the ‘shoot-em-up’ aspect, he wanted to know the background and history of WW2.  Now he knows;  the fact that his first card reflects the courage and sacrifice of both the man overseas and the family left behind reveals his grasp of the price of our freedom.

But the second thing is that he realized that there were some really cool games out there and the one he really wanted to play was one that no computer in the house would play.  (Battleground Europe, otherwise known as World War 2 Online.)  I knew I had him.  :)  I wasn’t going to buy a new computer for myself to be able to play such a high powered game, so I wasn’t going to buy him one!  But if the kid wants to earn it for himself, why would I stand in the way of that?

If this is what it takes to get some important life lessons across, I am happy to help him.  He’s learned that it takes work to create a product that people want to buy.  He’s learned that he has to take suggestions from other people.  He learned that there are costs involved- the costs to pay the graphic designer, the costs to get the web site, the costs for the printer ink, etc.  He’s learning that it can be difficult to start a business, but it is not impossible, and the rewards go beyond merely making money and include things like the gratification that comes from a job well done.

They say that if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day- if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for life.  This project is going forward because I know that if I teach him what’s involved in starting a business and overcoming all the obstacles that are involved, there is nothing in the future that he won’t be able to do.

Oh, and maybe he’ll let me play on his computer a little.  :)


Update by dad:  No, son, even if you get this laptop that doesn’t mean you get to play on it as much as you want.  Sorry.


Update update by dad:  “Call of Duty” is out of the question.  I’ll let you know when you’re ready.


Big Mike has requested a chance to follow up:

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Update by dad:  And that was nearly a direct quote from Big Mike.

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